Christmas Bottle Packs now available

For those of you struggling for last minute Christmas presents, we will be selling our Christmas Bottle Packs this coming week in @MensBar. Just in case you can’t make it to our Craft Beer Event on Wednesday, we are making ourselves available from 12pm until 2pm on Monday 12th December! We will have available our four packs of your choice, Stu Brew glasses and t-shirts.


Bottle Packs: £8 (£10 with a glass)

Glasses: £2.50 each

T-shirts: £10 (choice of five designs)

24 bottle packs: £36, (Red Brick, Extended Overdraught, Into the Black or Lab Session are available)

Alternatively we can make up mixed 24 bottle packs of your choice, costing £40 (e.g 6 of each).



Announcing #CyberMonday discount, @SghettiMonstah & @DWhiffin


Just couple of weeks to go until our Christmas Craft Beer event and we’re starting to get a little excited here at Stu Brew HQ! Today we can finally announce a couple of things we’ve been working on for the event…

Our friends @SghettiMonstah will be on site outside the Students Union serving up their Monster Meatball Subs and superb Spaghetti dishes.


We are also very please to announce that @DWhiffin with be doing a live acoustic set from around 5pm. If you’ve not seen Dave live before you’re in for a treat. Check out his YouTube channel here to get a taster of what to expect.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 13.22.50.png

Finally, if that wasn’t enough we are reducing ticket prices for the event until midnight tonight. Use the code CyberMonday16 at the checkout to receive £2 off your ticket. Just a little gift for those of you that missed out on the early bird rate 🙂

Tickets available:






Stu Brew’s very happy 2nd birthday!

On Friday evening Stu Brew hosted its 2nd Birthday Bash in style. The party also represented the launch of our new branding.


Our birthday began with a talk from @Heineken, which provided our members/students with a range of useful information regarding graduate opportunities within different sectors of the company. One of the Heineken representatives was Alex Boden, a previous committee member at Stu Brew. Members of the current Stu Brew committee showed Alex and Peter Sharp around the Brewery prior to the talk.


The birthday celebrations then continued within the Venue in Newcastle University Students Union. We offered our Red Brick, Extended Overdraught, True Wisdom, Raspberry Blonde and Milk Stout on tap, whilst also selling bottles of Red Brick.

Newcastle University’s very own Jazz Orchestra provided live music at our birthday. One of Stu Brew’s committee Michael was within the orchestra. I think its safe to say they were a huge success, and everyone at Stu Brew would like to thank them for their hard work!

Stu Brew offered its successful food+drink members deal again at the event, in collaboration with Manny’s Pizza (@mannyspizzadeli); with a £4 deal including pizza slice and pint!

Entertainment at our birthday came via a few different pub games, with the giant Jenga and Twister being particularly popular. England v Scotland was also played on the big screens, for everyone to enjoy too!


Our next event will be our huge Christmas Craft Beer event on the 14th December. The event will be featuring:

Head on over to the following link for ticketing information. Our early bird tickets come off sale in 24 hours time.

We hope you enjoyed our birthday party, and we look forward to seeing everyone at our future events!


Stu Brew t-shirts now available

Stu Brew will be selling its brand new t-shirts at our Birthday Bash this evening! For the cost of only £10, customers can choose from a large range of colours and sizes.

The t-shirts can be purchased in S, M, L and XL within the range of colours shown below.

Here’s a few of our committee modelling the t-shirts!


From left to right: Kieran (quality analyst), Jess (secretary), Sophie (president), Alex (marketing) and Michael (social secretary)

And here they are individually…

We hope to see you at our Birthday Bash tonight, and remember to look out for our committee in their new t-shirts!

Collect your own Stu Brew Glass with a Loyalty Card!

Stu Brew is hosting its 2nd Birthday Bash on Friday 11th November, and we will be distributing more of our Loyalty Cards! Two stamps are redeemable at each event.

6 stamps will entitle you to a free Stu Brew glass, as can be seen below, containing a drink of your choice.14963063_10154628965842071_265403689_n

The glasses are currently in production, and will hopefully represent one of many merchandise items available displaying our new branding!


We hope that your are looking forward to our Birthday Bash as much as we are. And don’t forget to bring along your loyalty card!

@Heineken at Stu Brew’s Birthday Bash!

On Friday 11th November, we will be celebrating our 2nd Birthday here at Stu Brew. Before our bash in the Venue at 6pm, Heineken will be giving a talk to anyone interested in a future career in the brewing industry, at 5pm.


This talk will take place in the Bamburgh Room in the basement of Kings Road Centre, Newcastle University. Heineken will be discussing graduate schemes that they offer within their commercial/engineering sectors.

Alex Boden, a previous committee member in Stu Brew, now works at Heineken and will be present at the event. He is a prime example of how involvement with Stu Brew can lead to exciting future career opportunities.

We can confirm that Manny’s Pizza (@mannyspizzadeli) will be serving at the bash, with a great combined member deal to be announced soon, following the successful food+pint deal for members at the Brewery Bash. There will be live music via Newcastle University’s Jazz Band at the event!

We will have a range of our beers on offer, including our new Milk Stout, Raspberry Blonde, Extended Overdraught and True Wisdom!

Non-members are also welcome at our event, so feel free to bring your flatmates/friends!

If you want to join our society, and qualify the food+drink deal, the following link will take you to the appropriate page on the Students Union Membership. Membership costs £5 for the entire year.

We look forward to seeing you all at our Birthday Party!

Stu Brew’s New Look

Over the next few weeks you may notice a few changes around here…

Our design team has been working alongside @thumbdesign to generate a new brand identity for Stu Brew. We feel this branding gives a stronger and more refined feel to Stu Brew’s image than the one we developed when we began two years ago.

We wanted to retain the idea of using a hop as the main part of the logo, whilst also introducing elements bringing a visual connection with Newcastle University. The end result forms the main part of the logo.stu_brew_icon_only

The typography used in the new logo is pipe-like, showing our ties to Chemical Engineering; our home here at Newcastle University.


We have also retained hop and malt flourishes within the logo, connecting everything to the science and art of brewing. We love our new look, and we hope you do too. Expect to see new look Stu Brew beers soon!



EVENT UPDATE: Stu Brew’s 2nd Birthday Party (11th November 2016)

Following our Brewery Bash two weeks ago, Stu Brew would like to invite you to our 2nd Birthday Celebration on the 11th November! Our birthday party will take place in Venue, within Newcastle University Students Union.

We are hoping to confirm a food outlet for the event soon, with great combined member deals, following the successful food+pint deal for members at the Brewery Bash . Live music and games will be confirmed soon, so make sure you check Facebook/Twitter before the event!

We will have a range of our beers on offer, so make sure you head down and try some!

Non-members are also welcome at our event, so feel free to bring your flatmates/friends!

If you want to join our society, the following link will take you to the appropriate page on the Students Union Membership. Membership costs £5 for the entire year.

We look forward to seeing you all at our Birthday Party!

The Brewery Bash with @sghettimonstah: What a Night!

Yesterday, we held our Open Committee Meeting, before opening the doors of our brewery for our Brewery Party, where we served some of our great range of beers.


Yesterday evening also signalled the first time our new bar, made by students within the Architecture Department here at Newcastle University, was used within a Stu Brew tap event!


We offered our Red Brick, Extended Overdraught, True Wisdom, Breakfast Juice and Raspberry Blonde beers on tap, whilst also selling bottles of Red Brick and Extended Overdraught. It would be fair to say that all of our beers were enjoyed across the night! Loyalty Cards were issued at the bar during the event too!

Sghetti Monster provided brilliant food for everyone at the event in addition. The £3 membership deal (£3 credit at Sghetti Monster + pint at Stu Brew) also went down a treat amongst members at the event.

14694826_10154554081802071_1140007896_nI think it is safe to say that our Brewery Bash was a fantastic success, and everyone at Stu Brew hopes that those who attended had a great time.

Our next event will be our 2nd Birthday Bash, held at Newcastle University Students Union, next month. Further details will be released closer to the time.

We hope to see you all there. And don’t forget to bring your loyalty cards!

UPDATE: Christmas Craft Beer Event Dec 14th – Tickets Released Today

2016-10-11-14-40-22It’s been exactly a month since we first announced our plans for Stu Brew’s Christmas Craft Beer event on December the 14th and today we can update you with what’s been happening since.

We now have an additional 4 breweries confirmed for the event. Joining the original roster of Almasty, Errant Brewery, Northern Alchemy,Three Kings Brewery & of course Stu Brew we can now also confirm:

How’s that for a line up?!?! So, how do you sign up for the event we hear you ask? That’s all sorted now too… Head on over to the following link for ticketing information.

We’ll be confirming more details in the coming weeks as things are confirmed so keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.

The Stu Brew team