Weekly Blog 5: (12/06/2018) Brewery 2 Electricboogaloo

Hi guys, hope you are all well.
What a week! 
Our new brewery is offically installed and we’d like to thank everyone involved in the installation!
On Thursday we went along to the Pride of Newcastle University Awards at Newcastle Civic Centre where we were honoured to receive the Sustainability Award. We’d been invited to this award as a consequence of winning our Sustainability award though the university society awards. To win such a momentous award means a lot to us all here at Stu Brew. We were set up in 2013 with a vision of sustainability which we still hold to this day.
You may have noticed we’ve been set up on campus this week with our end of exams bar. We’ve been outside the Student’s Union selling pints to those who have been celebrating the end of exams. We ran the bar on Wednesday evening for the Newcastle Chemical engineering society here at Newcastle University. Their legendary beach socials are always such a good way to celebrate the end of the year. If your society needs a bar running get in touch as we’re always keen to get involved!
Thank you to everyone who attended our Brewery Bash on Friday. We had a very enjoyable and successful evening. The highlight of the night was the grand opening of our new brewery expansion which was completed by our president Tom and the Head of the School of Engineering here at Newcastle – Phil Taylor.
Since it’s now the the end of the academic year we would like to thank all of our members for being an amazing support to our society this year. All of us wish graduating members the best of luck for the future: you will always be welcome at our events at the future. Hopefully we will see familiar faces as members next year and we hope you keep part of our society. There’s always opportunities to get involved! If you’re reading our blog as a prospective student or an offer holder for the incoming year we think you’d love everything that our award winning society has to offer!
The Stu Brew Team