(Not So) Weekly Blog 6 (20/08/2018): The mid-summer update

Hello everyone,

We hope you’re well! It’s been a while since Carey has managed to sit down and write a blog post but rest assured, she’s back and armed.. with words.. Where shall we start?

Back in July we had a busy fortnight manning the Graduation Bar. We’d like to all extend a huge, warm congratulations to all of the students who have graduated from Newcastle University this summer. We’re very proud of our Stu Brew committee alumni who have graduated from different degree disciplines this year:

Sophie Murta (President 2016/17)
Michael Oates (Social Sec 2016/17)
Daniel Jordan (Sales 2016/17)
Alex Hunt (Social Media 2016/17)
Izzy Mills (Creative Design 2016/17)
Adam Lamberg (Logistics 2016/17)
Kieran Deakin (Quality Analyst 2016/17)
Dan March (President 2017/18)
Dan Curry (Sales 2017/18)
Pete Wrixon (Secretary 2017/18)
Laura Walls (Quality Analyst 2017/18)
Jack Coles (Quality Analyst 2016/17 & 2017/18)
Harry Middleton (Treasurer 2017/18)
Jacob Small (Social Media 2017/18)

We’re sorry if we’ve missed anyone. Our two other alumni are Emily Warner and James Milne who we will not forget to congratulate next semester when they graduate in the Winter congregations.

At the beginning of August we provided beer for a wedding which went down a treat. Mr and Mrs Lindley tied the knot and their guests got the opportunity to taste ‘Matt and Kate IPA’ which went down a storm. We can provide beer for any event! A big congratulations to the happy couple. Tom and Carey were on hand to pull some pints!

Results Day has been and gone which means that it’s nearly Freshers Week! A big well done to every one who has got a place at Newcastle University. We hope you enjoy your time here and if you’re interested in becoming a member of our great society feel free to come along and see us at the Freshers Fair where you’ll be able to find more information. Being a part of a society like ours is so much fun and great for meeting new people as well as gaining new experiences.

In case you missed it on our social media channels our President Tom is currently researching into the sustainability of plastic kegs. If you’re a pub and haven’t completed the survey he’d really appreciate it if you get involved – fill it out at tinyurl.com/kegquestions.

That’s all from us! We are currently in the process of organising various events around Newcastle for September and beyond. Keep your eye on social media for more information. We’ve got something for everyone. Enjoy the rest of the summer!


The Stu Brew Team