Weekly Blog 1 (14/05/18): And the award goes to…

This week was a week like no other so we thought it’d be the perfect chance to launch our weekly blog. Our weekly update will hit your computer screens every Monday from now on so save the date!

This week has also been a fun week for attending awards ceremonies. On Wednesday evening we attended the Celebrating Success – Community Impact Awards at NUSU where we won Sustainability Champion of 2018. We were over the moon, to say the least, to have been recognised within the university community.

Then on Thursday we all got dressed up again to attend the Celebrating Success Societies Awards! Out of 200+ societies here at Newcastle University we came runners up out of three in the Society of the Year category. That was kind of a big deal and we raised a pint afterwards to celebrate!


As we mentioned in a previous blog post our home brew club has been busy prototyping a non alcoholic version of our much loved Lab Session. As well as this, Jack and Oengus have been busy brewing Zest Tube and we’ve also prototyped a pilsner which a few of you guessed on our twitter poll.

The new committee are now running the society. We’d like to thank all of last year’s committee for their hard work, ongoing support and in general for being a lovely group of people. We are looking forward to building upon the hard work they’ve done this year which has shown this week in being nominated in a handful of amazing awards. We are so pleased to be following in the footsteps of a wonderful set of people. We’ll miss them!


We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog and until next week.. Goodbye!


The Stu Brew Team