Home Brew Club

One of the best ways to get involved with Stu Brew other than coming along to events such as our Brewery Bashes is to join our Home Brew Club.

Home Brew Club is ran by our Head Student Brewer Paulius. We meet up on average once a week to discuss and design recipes. It’s great to see recipes you have designed as a team being brewed on the Braumeister as prototypes.

In the past we’ve prototyped a Scottish Ale, Rhubarb Braggott which was made whilst we tested the effects of using two different strains of yeast to change the flavour. Also, we recently designed an APA called Cascade Diagram which was entered into CAMRA’s Battle of the Beers held at Northumbria Student’s Union.

Today Home Brew Club members Dan and Dom brewed a prototype for a non-alcoholic version of our core beer Lab Session.

The future projects we have planned include making and designing a prototype for a gluten free beer brewed from rice and millet. We’re always looking for new people to to join us! If our Home Brew Club sounds like something you’d fancy getting involved with please contact Paulius at p.rasiukas@newcastle.ac.uk who will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries.


The Stu Brew Team