Weekly Blog 13 (29/10/18): Been There, Brewed That, Got The T-Shirt!

Hello everyone,

We hope you had a fabulous week. Its that time of year when the nights are getting darker and the temperature is dropping but fear not, we still have lots of fun activities on the go! On Saturday Chris, Coral and Kristin brewed Lab Session. We’ll be racking off a few casks and the rest is going into going to keg. If you’re interested in one drop our Sales Team an email. We recently brewed a new beer called Non Linear Regression which is now available for sale!

For those of you who had been planning to come down to the TwubQuiz tomorrow evening we regret to inform you that it has been postponed until later on in the year. Keep an eye on our social media channels for more updates. Events wise this week, Harry and Lucy had a great time meeting those of you who came and said hello at our can launch at CentrAle on Friday evening. CentrAle is a great bottle shop in Central Station with a huge selection of beers from around the world. A big thank you must be extended to Bruce and Ellen for hosting the event. 

If you’re wanting to join us on the Stu Brew tour the final date for deposits is coming up! Make sure you put down your £50 deposit before 5pm on the 2nd of November if you wish to join us on tour to Brussels. For more information on the tour you can click here

That’s all from us this week. Have a great week!


The Stu Brew Team x