Weekly Blog 11 (15/10/18): A blog, or a novel?


We hope you’re well.. .What a busy week we’ve had!

On Sunday, Chris, Jack and Sanghee were busy brewing a stout. If you would like to get involved with a brew day keep an eye on your emails for more information. We also got to use our brand new toy… An inline oxygentator! We can’t wait to see the results that come from using it.

The recipe design team are busy brewing this week and are prototyping two different Irish Red Ale recipes we’d like to wish good luck to everyone involved brewing! Hopefully our next batch of canning runs will be going off later this week which also means our cans of VMS and Extended Overdraught will be back. If you fancy getting your hands on some cans contact Harry and Lucy at sales@stubrew.com.

On Friday we took a group of members on a little pub crawl starting from the launch event of Core Curriculum at the Town Mouse. A really big thank you must go to Jon and the Town Mouse staff for a great cider weekend they’ve put on this weekend. After having a pint of cider at the Town Mouse we then headed to Ouseburn via the Tanners Arms and The Cumberland Arms.

We then reached our final port of call, Northern Alchemy’s Spark up event. It was a fantastic event made even better by an amazing selection of music that the DJ played to accompany the great range of beers on tap. The evening was topped off with a pint n the fantastic Free Trade Inn.  Thanks to you lovely lot of people who joined us on the bar crawl. It was great to meet some new faces!

A lot of you will be very happy to hear that we are arranging a Stu Brew Tour! We’ve got an information session planned this Wednesday in Merz Court L101 for all of you who fancy finding out a bit more. You can find the event here… Also, for all of you quiz lovers we have a very special quiz planned. More information will be released this week so keep a close eye on our social media channels!

Our next Brewery Bash will be on Friday 9th November. This one will be a special brewery bash as we’re celebrating 4 years since our first brew. The Sghetti Monster will be joining us to get the party started and will be serving up some delicious food. Fancy coming along? This event is not one to be missed! You can check out our event on facebook here for more details.






That’s all from us this week. Have a fantastic week!


The Stu Brew Team