Emily Warner

Key Responsibilities:
  • Ensuring smooth running of Stu Brew as a whole
  • Overseeing committee and helping with all aspects
  • Currently learning how to do the duty returns and tax aspects of Stu Brew
  • Promoting Stu Brew and what we are all about!
  • Lead decision making and business direct for Stu Brew
Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee: 
Asides from actually making a huge load of beer, which is always going to be pretty rewarding, being part of a business that's still relatively young but is making waves in the brewing community is amazing. The fact we're 4 years old and have a really strong base, of both fans and beers, and that we've recently won some pretty amazing awards just goes to show what a rewarding experience stu brew is!
Why did you get involved with Stu Brew? 
I've been a member of Stu Brew since second year and got more involved in third year when Sophie was president and was converting me to the ways of craft beer! When I decided to stay and do a Masters after graduating Chem Eng it seemed like a great opportunity to get involved in something really different.
Favourite Stu Brew Beer: 
True Wisdom, or a throwback to Shovelbeast the collab with Errant!
Fun Fact about yourself: 
I have a phobia of Baked Beans