Dan March

Key Responsibilities:
  • Coordinate the day to day running and operation of Stu Brew.
  • Organize and manage bar events, from drafting shift timetables to the set up and shut down of a mobile bar selling cask, keg and bottled ales.
  • Train new members in essential bar tasks, including using keg dispensing equipment, tapping and connecting casks and cleaning lines.
  • Ensure the smooth operation of Stu Brew by supporting all members of committee in completing tasks.
  • Participate in brew days, undertaking essential brewing tasks.
Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee:
The fact that the Stu Brew committee and society consist of a variety of people with different interests and ideas on the project, it's great to work together to continue driving the success of the a relatively young business that is Stu Brew.
Why did you get involved with Stu Brew?
Being a member of Stu Brew in my second and third year, I was able to understand how varied and vast the opportunities were that Stu Brew held. It was for this reason that I wanted to get more involved and hands on in it's operations by becoming a member of the committee.
Favourite Stu Brew Beer:
Extended Overdraught (the first beer I helped to brew).
Fun Fact about yourself:
Whilst in Bosnia I dived from a 29 meter bridge into the river beneath it (roughly the height of a 10 story building!)