Friday 10th March: Brewery Bash Part 2 with @sghettimonstah

Next Friday (10th March), from 5pm, Stu Brew we will be holding its Brewery Bash Part 2, following on from our previous event at the brewery way back in early October. Following the success of the event, held with @sghettimonstah as the food outlet, we have decided to repeat the plans!

As usual, Stu Brew is opening the doors to its brewery and inviting you all to come down, have a look around and, most importantly, try some of our beers. We are situated around the back of Merz Court, Newcastle University, opposite Lovers Lane.

We will have a range of our beers on offer, including our Red Brick, Into the Black and Extended Overdraught!

Starting at around 5pm, we’ll stay at the brewery until around 10pm, and then head down to some other great pubs around Newcastle if people are interested.


The Sghetti Monstah will be back at the event, and Stu Brew members will be entitled to a brand new deal exclusive to this event.

A Stu Brew glass and ‘Meatballs on a Stick’ dish (or £3 equivalent at Sghetti), will be charged at £5, with your first drink from the glass being half price!

Non-members are also welcome at our event, so feel free to bring your flatmates/friends!

A reminder for non-members, if you want to join our society, the following link will take you to the appropriate page on the Students Union Membership. Membership costs £5 for the entire year. This will sign you up to the mailing list for potential oppurtunities that arise within the society too, such as brewing on a weekend.


We will also be selling some bottled products on the evening, so make sure you head along to the brewery to get your own!


We look forward to seeing you all at Stu Brew next Friday!