Kypros Iakovou

Quality Analyst

Name:  Kypros Iakovou 

Stage and Degree:  stage 2 chemical engineering 

Role: Quality Analyst 

Key responsibilities: Establishing distillation experiments and water analysis, calculating the ABV% for each batch following regulations and protocols.  

Most rewarding aspect of being Stubrew committee: It’s all about having fun with others, being involved in different meetings and social events that the society organises or just participating. It’s good to know how a small business is running and evolving day by day. 

Why did you get involved with Stu Brew? Since the first time I heard about Stu Brew, I wanted to get involved with it as being a brewer once was my dream, so I would like to get to know how a brewery runs and establishes batches. I always wanted to know the different types of beer and how they are produced. It is always about getting experience and having fun while establishing something good for others.  

Favourite Stu Brew beer: Imperial Exam Room Tears