Jake Hanmore

Project Support Worker
Key Responsibilities:
  • Look after the administrative tasks involved with a commercial brewer
  • Supporting the committee in the day to day running of the brewery
  • Working as liaison between NUSU, Stu Brew, and the wider University
Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee:
Being involved with a commercial brewery of this size means being exposed to and getting stuck in with just about everything – from finance to marketing, and everything in between
Why did you get involved with Stu Brew?
Besides looking great on the CV, it is an amazing opportunity to gain business knowledge & experience whilst at the same time learning how to create and brew awesome beer
Favourite Stu Brew Beer:
Red Brick – the first Stu Brew that I tried, and still a favourite
Fun Fact about yourself:
I once met two of the Gladiators on a school trip to Hever Castle - Jet & Wolf for anyone that can remember that far back