Harry Laing

Project Support

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage email accounts, which are a first point of contact for student members, union, external company queries etc.
  • Organise volunteers for brew days, running bars, as well as emailing all subscribers with updates on our events.
  • Ensure all Health, Safety and Legal requirements of the business are met (this could be University policies, HMRC law or events licences)
  • Chair weekly Stu Brew committee meetings, ensuring follow up actions are met and agenda is up-to-date.

Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee:

Not only do I get to be apart of making some great (and different) beers, but being apart of an ever expanding and successful business is amazing!
It's also really cool when you see people go up to a bar or shop and buy a beer you've designed.

Why did you get involved with Stu Brew?

It was inevitable to be honest. I worked closely with different north east microbreweries for my Masters research, and loved the idea of getting more involved then. I get to remain a student for another 3 years so why not!

Favourite Stu Brew Beer:

Textbook. It's my baby. I designed the original recipie on the small test kit, and although it's had a few small changes when scaling it up, it's still my beer...

Fun Fact about yourself:

I'm a Gold Star ballroom dancer.