Greg Mutch

Project Support

Key Responsibilities

Assisting with management, brewing, maintenance, student training, sales and various other aspects of the project. 


Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee

Learning new skills and helping others to develop new skills is very rewarding (and a key aspect of my academic job too). 


Why did you get involved with Stu Brew?

I’ve been a big craft beer fan for a few years now, and have good relationships with many in the Newcastle craft beer scene, which I thought could be put to good use with Stu Brew. As above, I also wanted to learn new skills, help others to develop new skills, and build new networks. It also just looked like good fun, a bit of exercise(!) and a good way to make new friends too.


Favourite Stu Brew Beer

According to Untappd, it’s a 5-star tie between Heinz Fruitcake Stout and Prime BA Edition (All Night Breakfast and Exam Room Tears are tied for second with 4.5 stars… so all the stouts basically!).