Dan Curry

Sales Team
Key Responsibilities:
  • Ensuring Quick and easy delivery of produce to customers
  • Maintain and develop new and existing customer relationships
  • Check and advise on current stock levels and when new stock may been to be ordered
Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee:
Being able to develop a comprehensive, accurate costing spreadsheet for the brewery. Developing and maintaining customer relationships.
Why did you get involved with Stu Brew?
To develop a better understanding of the brewing process and skills in brewing. See other areas of how a brewery operates from graphic design to finance.
Favourite Stu Brew Beer:
Textbook IPA (2nd edition), first ever beer i brewed and i consulted on the label design also (oh and the mosaic hops really bring the character out of the beer)
Fun Fact about yourself:
At the inaugural North East Breweries football tournament, I injured my knee 30 seconds into the first game, I now stick to playing the cello as its less dangerous.