Arthur Moss


Key responsibilities:  

  • Chair the weekly meetings and update the Stu Brew Planner.
  • Maintain the Stu Brew Mailing lists, and regularly email members about upcoming activities and events.
  • Assist with brew days, deliveries, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee:   

Prior to joining Stu Brew I hadn’t been into drinking proper craft beer for that long, so when the opportunity to join the brewery came up, I thought it might be fun to actually learn how the beer is made. The part of Stu Brew I find most rewarding is the Homebrew club, learning what goes into different beer styles, and how to formulate recipes has been really interesting. 

Favourite Stu Brew Beer:  

Prime: I’ve always been a massive fan of darker and heavier beers, so to be able to participate in making our imperial stout was very special, and I’m proud of how it turned out. 

Fun fact about yourself:  

Prior to attending Newcastle University, I spent over a year and a half living abroad. The countries I lived in include: France, Belgium, and a very brief stay in French Guiana.