Alistair Middlemiss

Quality Analyst

Key responsibilities:  

  • Distilling beer samples to determine ABV
  • Investigating any sources of contaminants within our beers
  • Assessing the toxicity of unknown substances
  • Helping to staff Stu Brew events

Most rewarding aspect of being on Stu Brew committee:   

Seeing other people enjoy our beers in different venues across the city and reading positive reviews on Untappd. 

Why  did you get involved with Stu Brew:  

I have enjoyed drinking good quality craft beer but had no previous experience in brewing, Stu Brew seemed like a great opportunity to understand the craft behind the beer that I enjoy! 

Favourite  Stu Brew beer:  

Exam Room Tears 

Fun fact  about yourself:  

I am the most unlucky traveller, I have been on a flight with a bomb scare, had two flights cancelled and been on many delayed trains.