Graduation Saison Brew Day

After the fun and festivities of the Brewery Bash we are back brewing. Thank you to everyone who attended – it was a great night had by all.

Stu Brew!! What are you brewing?!!” we hear you cry.. well now it’s time to delve into to the specifics!

Last year we produced a Graduation Saison 2017 to commemorate the season and we’ve decided to make our new version based on the great feedback we had regarding last year’s brew. Paulius who is our student Brewmaster and Lydia and Rachel who are our events co-ordination team were up early on Sunday morning brewing the delight that is Graduation Saison 2018.

We’re happy to announce that Graduation Saison 2018 will be available for this year’s Graduation ceremonies to buy in specially etched Stu Brew growlers adorned with a ribbon complementing each faculty’s graduation colours.. how swanky!


The Stu Brew Team