Stu Brew’s New Look

Over the next few weeks you may notice a few changes around here…

Our design team has been working alongside @thumbdesign to generate a new brand identity for Stu Brew. We feel this branding gives a stronger and more refined feel to Stu Brew’s image than the one we developed when we began two years ago.

We wanted to retain the idea of using a hop as the main part of the logo, whilst also introducing elements bringing a visual connection with Newcastle University. The end result forms the main part of the logo.stu_brew_icon_only

The typography used in the new logo is pipe-like, showing our ties to Chemical Engineering; our home here at Newcastle University.


We have also retained hop and malt flourishes within the logo, connecting everything to the science and art of brewing. We love our new look, and we hope you do too. Expect to see new look Stu Brew beers soon!