Stu Brew’s Christmas Craft Beer Event

On Wednesday Stu Brew hosted its Christmas Craft Beer Event. Hundreds of people joined us throughout the day to sample great keg and cask beers from a number of the North East’s brewing scene!

Over the last year, we have been looking into ways to lessen the impact of brewing on the environment thanks to a grant that we received from the Institute for Sustainability. Following a short closed-door event with local brewers and key stakeholders at 11:30 hosted by Chris O’Malley, we opened our doors to the public for a beer festival.


@AlmastyBrewCo, @NE_Alchemy@TyneBankBrewery, @ErrantBrewery, @DarwinBrewery, @ThreeKingsBeer, @TwoByTwoBrewing, @boxsocialbeer, @FlashHouseBrew and @nwcstlbrewing joined us in the Venue, in Newcastle University’s Students Union.


Stu Brew had our own Red Brick, Extended Overdraught, Vanilla Milk Stout, Breakfast Juice, Wheat Wanderer and our Christmas Cranberry Wheat beer available on tap, as well as our range in bottles. Our Christmas Bottle Packs went down a treat at the event, priced at £8 for a selection of our four beers. Our fridge needed to be restocked several times throughout the event!



@dwhiffin provided live music through the event, whilst @sghettimonstah were located outside the Students Union, providing great Sghetti deals, as usual, throughout the day. Stu Brew would like to thank both of them for their contributions to a successful day!


We hope you enjoyed our Christmas Craft Beer event as much as we did! Keep updated to see our full photo gallery from the event in the near future. It was fantastic to hear such positive feedback from the general public, university staff and breweries alike, and we must admit…

We want to do it all again!

Merry Christmas