On Sabbatical

As the Stu Brew committee and members take a step back for January exams, the @NewcastleSU Sabbatical Officers have done a brewery takeover with brewmaster Paulius! Designing and brewing up an all-grain American Porter, they’ve definitely kept themselves busy on a cold January morning! Unfortunately the beer is only a 20L prototype so won’t be available en masse (but if we’re wowed, who knows?!), but this is a great way to shoehorn the announcement of our new ‘toy’ – the Tilt Hydrometer which allows real time tracking of the fermentation process! Head over to StuBrew.com/whats-brewing to see which beers we’ve got going on!

NB: I should point out (before I get in trouble) the hydrometer is NOT a toy, and is actually being used as part of a MEng Research Project to predict fermentation durations – but we thought we’d get the most out of it!