A year in office…

Today marks the last committee meeting of the current committee. With the AGM on Friday, we thought it’d be nice to summarise what can be achieved in a year in office. Over 30,000 pints later – here’s what we got up to.


  • First brewery bash held by the new team. Sylvia provided some gorgeous Gyros to accompany the beer.
  • The team won the Community Impact Sustainability award from NUSU.
  • Emily and Jack gave a Pint of Science talk about ‘Yeast in Brewing’.
  • We packed up the 400l kit and TRIPLED in size!!
  • Ran a pop-up bar outside the Student’s Union.


  • Won ‘The Siemens Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability and the Environment’ at the ‘Pride of Newcastle University Awards’.
  • We got a swanky new electric delivery van.
  • Another brewery bash saw the big revealed of the new kit.


  • Ran a Graduation 2018 bar and launched our newest Saison in the Graduation Saison series.


  • Shot some footage with Thumb Design for our nomination for the 2018 Green Gown awards.


  • Finally put beer on Eebria Trade.
  • Teamed up with Tyneside CAMRA and made a cider.
  • Fresher’s Week stall and bar.
  • Pizza and Pint night at Newcastle Tap.


  • First brewery bash of the academic year.
  • Launch of Core Curriculum at the Town Mouse, followed by a bar crawl showing the new students the Newcastle scene.
  • Our first batch of cans arrived!


  • Green Gown Awards – finalist in enterprise category.
  • Final brewery bash of the year.
  • Second batch of cans arrived.
  • Collaboration with Rob from Two by Two.


  • Last pub quiz of the year, at Errant Brewery.
  • Return of our third batch of cans.


  • Celebrated the end of exams with a MTB session at Coppers.
  • After a chat with Zac from Chasing Everest at the MTB, we collaborated the next day to brew ‘Back to School’.


  • First brewery bash of 2019.
  • Collaborated
  • Attended ‘Craft Beer Evolution’ at Tynebank Brewery. Collaborated to make ‘Sticky Imp’.
  • We also brewed ‘Gose’berry Jam’ with Red from The First and Last Brewery.
  • Hosted Naomi from the Guardian to be interviewed for a feature.


  • Provided beer for the Siris Beer Festival held in the Student’s Union.
  • End of term Brewery Bash.
  • First ever Stu Brew tour!


  • Came runner-up at Tyneside & Northumberland CAMRA’s ‘Battle of the Beers’ competition with ‘Exam Room Tears’. The beer was also voted ‘canniest bevvy’. ‘Copy and Paste’ won the same accolade in the cider category.
  • Will be hosting the AGM and post-AGM Brewery Bash on Friday the 3rd of May – find out more here!

The year in numbers…

  • 30,000 pints brewed.
  • The top 6 rated beers on Untappd have been brewed under this committee.
  • 4 collaborations with other local brewers.
  • The beer has been served in over 50 venues.

What do now?

Going to miss the class of 18/19 and want to know what they’re doing next?
Tom Nesfield – President
Either a yearlong placement (we’ll see how the interview goes) or standing for a position on next year’s committee (probably more likely with his interview track record).
Harry Laing – Secretary
Hopefully standing for a position on next year’s committee.
Will van Woerden – Treasurer
Graduating and starting work back home in Loughborough.
Paulius Rasiukas – Brewmaster
Finishing his PhD and getting married! Congratulations from us all here at Stu Brew!
Harry Conn – Sales
Perusing his dream of becoming Homer Simpson and working in the nuclear industry at Sellafield.
Lucy Brearley – Sales
Completing her Masters
Lydia Joynes – Events
Completing a year long placement at Lucite International.
Rachel D’Amours – Events
Liam Plunkett – Creative Design
Completing his PhD
Carey Boyle – Marketing
Dom Smith – Quality Analyst
Completing a year abroad.

That’s all from this year’s committee, we’ve had a blast! A big thank you must go to Chris, Sandy and Jake who without we wouldn’t have been able to do what we have. Come down to the bash and have a pint with us this Friday and we can’t wait to welcome the next team. There’s still time to stand for a position and if you’re considering it get in touch with contact@stubrew.com.

The 2018/2019 Stu Brew Team