Exam Room Tears(Stout - Other)

Tyne CAMRA’S “Battle of the Beers” runner up and people’s ‘Canniest Bevvy’ 2019. Exam Room Tears is a thick and sumptuous stout flavoured with maple syrup and pecans.

(3.89) | 144 Ratings

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Jack C.

A modern day classic in the Newcastle area.

Michelle R.

Wow that’s got some head! It took me 5 pours to get it all out of the can. Lovely chocolate and maple aroma follows through in the taste. I didn’t get any maple at first but it does develop. Fizzy and decent bodied. A fine stout from Newcastle’s Stu Brew.

Richard W.

Pretty lively, robudt and nutty. A good ‘un

Kerry F.

A tad disappointed! Couldn’t taste any mapel or pecans. Will try again as could be the batch.