Textbook(IPA - English)

Our 2017 entry into the Newcastle CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival. The brief for this years competition was to produce an IPA with an ABV between 4-6%. Being the bookworms that we are here at Stu Brew we went straight to the literature for this one for a classic English IPA malt bill.

We’ve bittered this to about 30 IBU using Magnum and added a large late hop with Mosaic.

UPDATE: Following feedback at the festival we’ve upped the late hop Mosaic even more… Say hello to Textbook (2nd Edition)

(3.41) | 42 Ratings

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True Wisdom

“The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing” – Socrates

The more different beers styles we make, the more relevant this quote seems to become. There is still much to learn.

This was our first time trying out the kettle souring technique and we’ve generously dry hopped the result with Simcoe pellets.

(3.51) | 86 Ratings

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Rye-Vision Break

Designed and brewed by 2 final year Chemical Engineering students (Zak & Seb). This Rye is packed with Cascade & Chinook as well as being generously dry hopped with Amethyst.

(3.71) | 17 Ratings

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Wheat Wanderer

An American style, pale wheat beer. Light and fruity, brewed with Golden Promise malt and Cascade hops.

(3.09) | 31 Ratings

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University Porter


(3.75) | 19 Ratings

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