Into the Welsh Rarebit

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Into the Welsh Rarebit
Stu Brew's take on classic cheese on toast. Creamy and heavy for a cold morning, the sharp salty cheese undercut with the deep mellow, almost nutty malt of Into the Black, leaves a warm peppery afterglow from the Worcestershire sauce dancing on the tongue. Add fresh tomatoes, spinach and rocket for a crackin' snack.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
2 slices each
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
2 slices each
  1. Add all the ingredients (except parmesan, paprika and turmeric) to a pan over a low hob. Stir well as the mixture melts into a creamy sauce. Add turmeric carefully, stiring between pinches untl you reach a golden brown flush (don't go too far or you may spoil the taste, probably no more than 1tsp will do).
  2. Whilst that's melting pop some toast in, and once that's on your plate, add spinach, rocket and fresh tomatoes (to taste obvs). Pour over a decent serving of the rarebit, then add a few more twists of pepper, salt-bae some parmesan and paprika over the top and chow down!
  3. You'll have most of the bottle of Into the Black to enjoy with your meal, it works a treat.

Weekly Blog 2 (21/05/2018): Not bad for a bunch of students…

We’ve had another productive week here at Stu Brew.

On Monday Evening Emily and Jack presented at the Pint of Science event at The Old George Inn! It was a very successful evening and was a great opportunity to explain the brewing processes to a very interested audience. We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came and watched.

This week last year’s treasurer Harry has been busy making our cider, Copy & Paste, ready to serve another batch at our next Brewery Bash in June.  Also on the brewing calendar this week we’ve seen Chris and Arthur brewing True Wisdom which will be available in keg soon! Home Brew Club have also kept busy this week by continuing their work on a prototype of non-alcoholic Lab Session.

We received an exciting delivery this week which was the first sample of our NEW Stu Brew growlers. Although we’re in the process of altering the design here’s a sneak peak of the first sample. Our growlers have been designed in time for the upcoming graduation ceremonies here at Newcastle University and will be available for purchase at Graduation filled with Graduation Saison 2018 tied in a ribbon reflective of your faculty colours. They’ll also be on sale at our upcoming Brewery Bash.. but more about that later!

Upcoming events
We have a busy month of events organised at Stu Brew which means plenty of opportunity to try our selection of beers!

First on the agenda is our End of Exams bar which is running daily from 29th of May until the 6th of June. Let off some steam and come and celebrate! Still revising? Treat yo’ self to a revision break pint. 😉 Find out more here:

Stu Brew is going on tour! We’ve been invited to attend Olives at the Station’s Beer, Cider and Spirits Festival on the 2nd and the 3rd of June which we’re looking forward to. We’ll be bringing our latest collab with Errant, Combustible Lemons, along with a few others you might recognise. See the event page for more details. It will be a great few days! Here’s the link to the event:

We’ve also got another Brewery Bash planned on the 8th June which we can’t wait for! We love planning and running these back yard bashes which will once again be taking place in the car park of Merz Court. Our good friends at Sghetti Monster will be cooking up a storm. Join us for one final blow out before the summer! Find out more here:

Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook this coming week.. something BIG is about to happen!

Not bad for a bunch of students, ey?…. (see recent Untappd review)

The Stu Brew Team

Weekly Blog 1 (14/05/18): And the award goes to…

This week was a week like no other so we thought it’d be the perfect chance to launch our weekly blog. Our weekly update will hit your computer screens every Monday from now on so save the date!

This week has also been a fun week for attending awards ceremonies. On Wednesday evening we attended the Celebrating Success – Community Impact Awards at NUSU where we won Sustainability Champion of 2018. We were over the moon, to say the least, to have been recognised within the university community.

Then on Thursday we all got dressed up again to attend the Celebrating Success Societies Awards! Out of 200+ societies here at Newcastle University we came runners up out of three in the Society of the Year category. That was kind of a big deal and we raised a pint afterwards to celebrate!


As we mentioned in a previous blog post our home brew club has been busy prototyping a non alcoholic version of our much loved Lab Session. As well as this, Jack and Oengus have been busy brewing Zest Tube and we’ve also prototyped a pilsner which a few of you guessed on our twitter poll.

The new committee are now running the society. We’d like to thank all of last year’s committee for their hard work, ongoing support and in general for being a lovely group of people. We are looking forward to building upon the hard work they’ve done this year which has shown this week in being nominated in a handful of amazing awards. We are so pleased to be following in the footsteps of a wonderful set of people. We’ll miss them!


We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog and until next week.. Goodbye!


The Stu Brew Team

Home Brew Club

One of the best ways to get involved with Stu Brew other than coming along to events such as our Brewery Bashes is to join our Home Brew Club.

Home Brew Club is ran by our Head Student Brewer Paulius. We meet up on average once a week to discuss and design recipes. It’s great to see recipes you have designed as a team being brewed on the Braumeister as prototypes.

In the past we’ve prototyped a Scottish Ale, Rhubarb Braggott which was made whilst we tested the effects of using two different strains of yeast to change the flavour. Also, we recently designed an APA called Cascade Diagram which was entered into CAMRA’s Battle of the Beers held at Northumbria Student’s Union.

Today Home Brew Club members Dan and Dom brewed a prototype for a non-alcoholic version of our core beer Lab Session.

The future projects we have planned include making and designing a prototype for a gluten free beer brewed from rice and millet. We’re always looking for new people to to join us! If our Home Brew Club sounds like something you’d fancy getting involved with please contact Paulius at who will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries.


The Stu Brew Team

Graduation Saison Brew Day

After the fun and festivities of the Brewery Bash we are back brewing. Thank you to everyone who attended – it was a great night had by all.

Stu Brew!! What are you brewing?!!” we hear you cry.. well now it’s time to delve into to the specifics!

Last year we produced a Graduation Saison 2017 to commemorate the season and we’ve decided to make our new version based on the great feedback we had regarding last year’s brew. Paulius who is our student Brewmaster and Lydia and Rachel who are our events co-ordination team were up early on Sunday morning brewing the delight that is Graduation Saison 2018.

We’re happy to announce that Graduation Saison 2018 will be available for this year’s Graduation ceremonies to buy in specially etched Stu Brew growlers adorned with a ribbon complementing each faculty’s graduation colours.. how swanky!


The Stu Brew Team

Start of Summer Brewery Bash

It’s Tuesday which means it’s only 3 days until our Summer Brewery Bash!

Come and say hi to the new committee and say goodbye to last year’s fantastic team.  This time we’re being joined by The Real Meditteranean Kitchen for some yummy Gyros which are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

See you from 5pm @ Merz Court Car park.

Meet our new Quality Analyst… Dom!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing our new committee members!

Today Dom, our new quality analyst, did his first distillation therefore we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to tell you all more about him. Dom has been active in Stu Brew all throughout his first year and has attended many events, participated in a brew day and is a member of our home brew club. We can’t wait to have him on the team!

Dom Smith

Stage & Degree:
Stage One, Biomedical Genetics (Biomedical Sciences)

Quality Analyst

Key responsibilities:
– Performing distillations on beer samples to calculate the ABV
– Investigating any potential contamination
– Determining if any microorganisms are present
– Assessing the potential toxicity of unknown substances

Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee:
Seeing the beers we make being sold in local pubs and getting more people interested in craft beer and brewing.

Why did you get involved with Stu Brew?
I have always enjoyed drinking lots of different beers and I wanted to learn about the brewing process and how to design recipes.

Favourite Stu Brew Beer:
It’s hard to pick just one but the Vanilla Milk Stout is great!

Fun Fact about yourself:
I met Tony Blair in Germany when I was two months old.

We all wish him the best of luck for the upcoming year!

The Stu Brew Team

Learning more about Stocks and Sales

Today we’ll be talking about one of our stock and sales team, Daniel Curry. If anyone is interested in what this role involves and wants to run for it then email

In general the role involves:

  • Ensuring quick and easy delivery of produce to customers
  • Maintaining and developing new and existing customer relationships
  • Checking and advising on current stock levels and when new stock may need to be ordered

What has Daniel found the most rewarding by being a part of Stu Brew?

Being able to develop a comprehensive, accurate costing spreadsheet for the brewery in addition to developing and maintaining customer relationships.