Meet our new Quality Analyst… Dom!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing our new committee members!

Today Dom, our new quality analyst, did his first distillation therefore we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to tell you all more about him. Dom has been active in Stu Brew all throughout his first year and has attended many events, participated in a brew day and is a member of our home brew club. We can’t wait to have him on the team!

Dom Smith

Stage & Degree:
Stage One, Biomedical Genetics (Biomedical Sciences)

Quality Analyst

Key responsibilities:
– Performing distillations on beer samples to calculate the ABV
– Investigating any potential contamination
– Determining if any microorganisms are present
– Assessing the potential toxicity of unknown substances

Most Rewarding Aspect of being on the Stu Brew Committee:
Seeing the beers we make being sold in local pubs and getting more people interested in craft beer and brewing.

Why did you get involved with Stu Brew?
I have always enjoyed drinking lots of different beers and I wanted to learn about the brewing process and how to design recipes.

Favourite Stu Brew Beer:
It’s hard to pick just one but the Vanilla Milk Stout is great!

Fun Fact about yourself:
I met Tony Blair in Germany when I was two months old.

We all wish him the best of luck for the upcoming year!

The Stu Brew Team

Learning more about Stocks and Sales

Today we’ll be talking about one of our stock and sales team, Daniel Curry. If anyone is interested in what this role involves and wants to run for it then email

In general the role involves:

  • Ensuring quick and easy delivery of produce to customers
  • Maintaining and developing new and existing customer relationships
  • Checking and advising on current stock levels and when new stock may need to be ordered

What has Daniel found the most rewarding by being a part of Stu Brew?

Being able to develop a comprehensive, accurate costing spreadsheet for the brewery in addition to developing and maintaining customer relationships.

AGM – Members Deal

Calling all members!

There will be a free, yes free, pint of Cascade Diagram for all members who come to the AGM, listen to the current committee talk about their respective roles and most importantly return their voting slip to choose the new committee.

Dont miss out on this amazing deal so come down to The Venue @ the Students Union at 5:30pm this coming Thursday to take advantage!

A word with our treasurer

Today we’ll be talking about our treasurer, Harry Middleton. If anyone is interested in what this role involves and offers then email

In general the role involves:

-Dealing with financial matters including purchasing
-Liaising with the finance department
-Keeping track of accounts and cash flow

Learning More About our Secretary

Today we’ll be talking about our secretary, Pete Wrixon. If anyone is interested in what this role involves and offers!

In general the role involves:

-Managing emails which are a first point of contact for student members, union, external company queries and more.
-Organising volunteers for brew days and general events.
-Leading weekly Stu Brew committee meetings, ensuring follow up actions are met and agenda is up-to-date.
-Liaising with Sales teams to generate monthly stock emails / newsletters to pubs, bottles shops bars.

What has Pete found the most rewarding by being a part of Stu Brew?

Being part of the Stu Brew committee gives you the opportunity to develop valuable professional skills but on a project that’s incredibly unique. The best part is it all ultimately revolves around beer, which is fun to make (and even better to drink!)

An Interview with our Co-President

In the upcoming week before our AGM we’ll be posting small interviews with some of our team and some profiles to try and give you guys an insight into the Stu Brew life.

Below you’ll find a link to a video with our Co-President Daniel March:

Stay tuned for more information and if you’re interested there’s an event on our Facebook page or if you want to run for a certain role email please!

Our AGM!

Don’t forget that in a week we have our AGM to elect a new committee in the Venue of the students union so if you’re interested come on down!

Stay tuned for videos explaining what each role entails in the next couple of days.

If that’s not you’re thing then never fear, we have a pub quiz after for you all to enjoy.

Out of Sight, Stout on Mind!


So with the success of our Brewery Bash last Friday (and the worse-for-wear clean down Saturday), we didn’t actually get any brewing done over the Weekend. However, with the popularity of Vanilla Milk Stout flying out of our fridge, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be back in stock with it very soon!

Brewmaster, Paulius, and Sales Lead, James, managed to squeeze in a brew, alongside our homebrew club prototyping our APA entry for the CAMRA Festival 2018 (keep an eye out for this one). Missed out on this Vanilla goodness the first time round? Or just fancy having another cask / keg of it? The brew has just gone in to ferment so drop us an email at to pre-order a cask or keg of it! We may even be able to add some coffee goodness to it again…

Want to follow it’s progress? Do it here: